Ghost hit the Riviera Theatre in Chicago on Saturday night, October 3, 2015, and they brought a great UK band with them called Purson to help rock a sold out crowd. It was a fantastic show, and it got really loud in the old theatre that's just around the corner from the Aragon Theatre in Chicago.

I have to admit, I had no idea who the opening band for Ghost was when I got there. I wasn't expecting a cool 70s style throwback band that sounded freaking fantastic! It felt like I was rocking out with a cool 70s horror film soundtrack.

This British band played a lot of cool stuff, including the song "Spiderwood Farm", and "Leaning on a Bear". Their singer has an amazing voice, and she plays a mean guitar, too.

Check them out, and then go get their album and their EPs...really good band!

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