Families who slay together, stay together. If you’re a metalhead parent, here’s a compilation of concert videos showing why you should consider bringing your little one to a metal show.

As long as you don’t bring your baby into a wall of death, you and your kid can enjoy just about any metal show while remaining safe. One heartwarming moment from an outdoor festival was caught on tape, with a group of Killswitch Engage fans deciding to teach a brave girl how to throw down in the pit. In the mud, the gentle metalheads invited the girl to charge into them, dramatically throwing themselves back when she made contact with her shoulder. Wholesome and brutal!

Even hardcore and extreme metal shows can potentially be safe. During a Madball show in NYC, a tiny thrasher crowd surfed from the stage deep into the hardcore pit, remaining safe in the hands of the NYHC faithful. An even younger kid managed to make his way onstage at the Obscene Extreme festival, running back and forth across the stage like a future lead singer.

Of course, the metal world has already fallen in love with the little Slipknot drummer on his father’s shoulder. Dressed in his own jumpsuit and face paint, the kid air-drummed his little heart out as Jay Weinberg crushed his kit for an arena crowd.

Check out these kids having a ball at metal shows in the Loud List below.

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