Landing strip, whatever you call it when you have a triangle, completely bare... there are a lot of pubic hair styles out there. Hell, people even try styling it into shapes (letters, numbers, the playboy bunny). But, up until now, I wasn't aware that people also sometimes like to dye their pubic hair. And now I'm upset and don't want to live on this planet any more. 

Now, I suppose that maybe I'm so bothered by this because I'm still young and don't have to worry about graying (anywhere) as of yet. And, if that's the reason that you want to dye your bush, I suppose I can understand that. BUT... no one has naturally blue, pink, bright green, purple, or fire engine red pubic hair. And frankly, if you do, you should probably seek the advice of a medical professional.

The folks at Betty Beauty offer the colors I just listed and a ton more. Not only can you get this weirdo pube dye, but it also comes with a stencil so that you can dye stupid shapes into your bush like a palm tree, a dolphin, or even a dove (because why not?).

Guys, don't worry, there's pube dye out there for you, too. No longer will you have to worry about your salt and pepper man bush. Betty comes to the rescue with a formula designed especially for you! It comes in the same ridiculous colors, so if you want to have a man bush that looks like it belongs on a smurf, you can go right ahead! It doesn't come with the stencils, though. So, you'll have to figure out shapes on your own. Hey, I had an ex-boyfriend manscape his into a giant "W" for me (I didn't ask. I didn't want it. It was a little frightening.) and he was just about the dumbest man on the planet, so you should be able to figure it out.