A bar over in England had a booger shooting contest last weekend….you guys ever put a finger over one side of your nose and then blow and then shoot a booger across a room?  Hahah…sure ya do!  Well that’s how the contest worked….and wait till you hear about the chick….not the guy….that won the contest!   This ones pretty funny….

Last week over in England, a little pub called The Red Lion  held its annual booger shooting contest….yep, you heard me right…its annual booger shooting contest!  Each year they have men and women line up and do a farmers blow and see who can shoot a booger the farthest across the bar……I guess this all started a few years ago when two drunk guys were sitting at the bar arguing about who could blow a booger the farthest….so the bartender said….“well, put up or shut up…whoever can shoot their booger the farthest gets a free pint”….and that’s how it all started….now every year people pack the bar for its annual booger shooting contest….but now the prize is much more than just a free pint….it’s a free pint every day for a year….plus you get a trophy with your name on it saying you’re the 2010 booger shootin champion of the year…( or whatever year it is)   and then it goes on the wall of the bar……well, last week….the winner was a 33 year old chick named Gale  Hollingsworth….it’s the first time in the history of the contest a women has won.  Gale did a farmers blow and shot a snot rocket 19.5 feet across the bar!   Hahaha….it even stuck to the wall….(like any good booger should)  She was one of only 3 women in the contest, the other chicks had wimpy boogers, they only went 2 or 3 feet….but Gales booger flew so much farther, the next closest booger only went 12 feet….her “super booger” beat that guy by 7 ½ feet!  Wow….haha……..I guess boogers aren’t as gross to people over in England….or maybe they just don’t care….those people from England are weird anyway….