A Billionaire is trying to help get Michigan auto insurance premiums lowered.

According to WOOD, Billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert has begun a ballot drive just in case Michigan's Republican led Legislature and our Governor Gretchen Whitmer don't do the right thing and pass legislation to cut the states premiums.

A committee by the name of Citizens for Lower Auto Insurance Rates was created this week in the battle against the highest insurance premiums in the nation.

If the committee led by Gilbert has their way, and let's hope they do, this could make the ballot and be veto proof if Michigan government can't do their job properly. Michigan's House and Senate have both passed bills attempting to lower premiums but both have totally missed the mark.

The lowering of premiums should go way beyond the mandatory medical opt out. Maybe the billionaire could pay everyone's premiums like the billionaire who recently paid off the student loans for some college graduates. But then again, Michigan's premiums are so high he would go broke trying to pay all the premiums.

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