Bill Burr was one of many celebrity entertainers to attend Slayer’s final show on Nov. 30. During the comic’s weekly Monday Morning Podcast, he praises the ‘Final Campaign’ and admits the band’s farewell show got him emotional.

Burr became a fanatical metalhead while learning to play the drums, recently getting into brutally heavy music like Meshuggah, Pantera and Slayer. “I’m gonna be 50 in June and I’m finally listening to Slayer,” Burr said during a 2018 podcast. “I’m driving down the street pulling up to a red light [singing] all alone ‘South of Heaven,’ I fucking love it.”

As for his most recent podcast, Burr raved, “What a way to go out; two sold out shows at the LA Forum. I remember growing up, a couple of my relatives were really into Slayer and all of that shit, and I just couldn’t make the leap. I was like, ‘This shit’s just too fast, it’s too fucking crazy.’”

Burr continues, “They just played 90 straight minutes. Just snapped your head back and it stayed there for 90 straight minutes and then they said goodnight. No encore, which I thought was the shit. I did feel a little bit sad. I always get a little bit melancholy around the holidays … [Tom Araya] stood there looking at the crowd with a really sad look on his face before he waved goodbye.”

“I actually got chills in the end, when they were saying goodnight. The whole crowd started cheering, ‘Thank you, Slayer.’ It was awesome.”

Post Malone and Jason Momoa, along with members of Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth were also in attendance for Slayer’s final show. Listen to Bill Burr rave about the extreme metal legends in the player above. For Loudwire's exclusive photos from the show, click here.

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