Saturday night, September 24th, the Devin Townsend Project hit Grand Rapids with Between the Buried and Me, and Fallujah, for a night of what Devin calls, "Lower Mid Tier Prog Metal". Nothing lower mid-tier about any of it! Especially BTBAM!

I will admit here, all the bits of BTBAM I've heard before didn't leave me with much interest in the band, since all I heard were boring, screamy bits.

I take all of that back. These guys were super dynamic musically, and really interesting! I was so into the show and the music, I didn't even notice I'd been filming for 20 minutes at the beginning of the show!

They're playing the entire Coma Ecliptic album on this tour, and I know why after seeing it. It's an amazing album, and the songs cover a lot of musical ground. From soft, piano and vocal bits, to the most chaotic extreme prog metal moments, these guys are all over the place. Lots of time and tempo changes, serious music.

I've now bought Coma Ecliptic, and I'm going to be adding a bunch more BTBAM albums to my music collection, guaranteed. Check them out, and try something different.