On many levels, video game music has remained as iconic as the games themselves. Certain omnipresent tunes from the 8-bit era have permeated even the most recent generations, often without those experiencing the chiptune earworms having ever even encountered the games from which they originated. But, while scores old and new offer everything from bleep-bloop bops to orchestral epics, the sheer magnitude of the original score catalog is menacing to say the least.

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As technology and graphics capabilities advanced over the decades, so did the potential for in-game music, naturally leading to artists' songs (and sometimes the artists themselves) being licensed for soundtrack use. And while those playlist possibilities tend to mostly be used by games within the spectrum of sports, the list of said games is still extensive. We’ve decided to whittle it down and rank the 10 best video game soundtracks to ever hit consoles.

The 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks, Ranked

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