It often feels like pop-punk is treated as if it’s the irritating youngest sibling of the rock world — a genre whose music is criticized for being juvenile and rarely breaking new ground. So it's not surprising that many of the genre's guitarists get overlooked.

It’s a scene that’s got a bad rap, and that’s before you even mention revivalists such as Machine Gun Kelly adding more fuel to the fire. Sure, pop-punk can often feel pretty basic, but so too does the genre contain some wonderful musicians whose art is well worthy of recognition, particularly when it comes to guitarists.

Here, we’ve selected 10 pop-punk guitarists who can go toe-to-toe with your favorite metallers in the shredding stakes. Check out the gallery below and make sure you take a closer look at these 10 pop-punk guitarists who can totally shred.

10 Pop-Punk Guitarists Who Can Totally Shred

Take a closer look and listen.

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