When you think of the most iconic quotes from movies, what comes to mind? Is it Casablanca’s swoon-worthy “Here’s looking at you, kid”? Or maybe Gone with the Wind’s memorable “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” While there are plenty of movie lines that we recite in our day-to-day lives, you might be forgetting about a small-but-mighty bunch — the one-word movie quotes.

Some of these words are so recognizable and evocative that one utterance brings to mind the very movie it came from. Others are more dependent on how you deliver the word itself — whether you shout it, chant it, or stretch it out will give your friends a better clue as to which move you’re quoting. Bonus points if you use the accent of the actor in the movie.

Movies have a definite impact on pop culture, as well as popular phrases. There was once a time when the word “excellent” was simply an adjective used to describe something of superior quality. But now, when someone responds to a story or scenario with an enthusiastic “Excellent!” it's impossible not to think of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The same goes for the word “inconceivable.” A relatively uncommon word quickly became a go-to movie quote after it was used in The Princess Bride.

One-word movie quotes are special because they are able to conjure up a mental image of a scene with barely any dialogue. Sometimes, less really is more, which is why we’ve rounded up these 10 iconic movie lines that consist of just one word.

The Most Iconic One-Word Movie Quotes

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