Hoaxed are a dark rock/metal duo hailing from Portland, Oregon and they're here to dive into their picks for the 10 Best Goth Metal Albums.

Formed in 2020, the band generated a fair amount of buzz the following year with the release of their self-titled EP, which features the standout track "Candle Master" and earlier this year, they introduced themselves to U.S. crowds as the opener on Amorphis' headlining tour with special guest Sylvaine.

Building off that momentum, they recently debuted a music video for the haunting new song "The Call," the first single off their forthcoming debut album, Two Shadows. It's a style that's tricky to pinpoint and box into one of the dozens of subgenre tags within rock and metal, so let's just make it simple — Hoaxed are built for Halloween!

Keeping in spirit with this distinction, we invited the duo to name the 10 Best Goth Metal Albums, and since much like Hoaxed's own music, goth metal is a brand that isn't necessarily defined by any one particular style — it's rather fluid and wide open to interpretation, a concept the duo ran away with when whittling this subgenre down to just 10 records.

Check out Hoaxed's picks further down the page and look for Two Shadows to drop on Oct. 28 on Relapse. Pre-order your copy of the album here and follow Hoaxed on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Spotify.

Hoaxed, "The Call"

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