It's tough out there for a lot of bands right now and Behemoth's Nergal realizes that as much as anyone. So much so that in a new interview with Chaoszine he actively discouraged people from starting new bands.

The pandemic is the reason the gears of the music industry machine are grinding, creating issues in all sorts of ways. When the world was shuttered, it reset nearly every band's album cycle and put them back on the road with brand new albums at exactly the same time. Without off cycles to help keep things balanced, markets are oversaturated and fans can only see so many shows and only listen to so many new albums.

On the economic side, there's rising costs to contend with, which is an absolute nightmare for bands as they try to remain profitable on expensive tours and also recoup some of the money they lost during the lockdown. Plenty of artists have even had to cancel tours due to logistics issues where they risked suffering massive financial losses.

Ghost's Tobias Forge griped about the touring situation earlier this year, stating "it's hurting everyone" with so many acts on tour at the same time.

"Don't start any bands. And I'm not even kidding here. Don't do it," Nergal tells Chaoszine (transcription via Blabbermouth) when asked if he has any advice for a young metal vocalist.

"The world is overwhelmed with bands, with records, with albums. There's really no space there for anything," he explains, adding, "There's only seven days a week. There's too many tours around. There's too many shows. People don't have, and will have less and less money. So all the tours are suffering. Do you really want to put another song on another album that no one will pay attention to? No, you don't want do that."

So what should one do instead?

"Go find yourself a proper job. Finish university, travel and enjoy life. Don't do this," the Behemoth leader advises.

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