Sunday night, Beartooth brought the Aggressive tour back to Grand Rapids, at the Orbit Room, with special guests, Every Time I Die, Fit For a King, and Old Wounds. Great, heavy show for Grand Rapids!

When Beartooth hit the stage, they kicked off with "Burnout", and then straight into "Aggressive", which is a really cool song, and one of my favorites from the latest album, Aggressive.

The band was having a great time on stage, and the crowd was really into the show, and screaming along with the band. They kept asking for the mosh pit to grow and get bigger, and it did every time.

Beartooth played some older stuff, and even some songs they haven't played in GR before, like "Sick of Me".

Good show, lots of energy, and fun. Go see Beartooth the next time you get a'll have a blast.