The world’s hottest live, daily, marine-themed call-in show on cable TV recently opened their studio to Baroness. Not only did the band deliver a classic FishCenter performance, but answered fan questions from around the globe.

FishCenter has been a longtime ally of rock and metal, hosting sets from Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Carach Angren and Daughters, just to name a few. Baroness brought three nautical songs to the program for an all-oceanic set, including “March to the Sea” from their Yellow & Green album.

They also played “Borderlines” and “Tourniquet” from Gold & Grey. Neither is an ocean cut, per se, but John Baizley sings “Curse the boiling sea” in “Borderlines,” while “Tourniquet” includes the lyric, “Wake me up on the ocean floor.”

A total of seven fish swam behind Baroness during the mini-concert, including last time’s champion, Hot Steve. During the Q&A portion of FishCenter, however, Slider ended up leading the school of competitors with an impressive total of 37 points collected. Baroness allocated 15 points to Bijou after the mystery photo game, but the aqua-athlete dropped from 2nd to 4th place after a rousing round of coin collecting.

Baroness’ FishCenter appearance showcases the best rendition of “Tourniquet” on YouTube, so make sure to watch the entire show above.

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