Badflower came to rock a sold-out GRD show at The Intersection Saturday night!

Watch them perform "Heroin", "Die", and "Soap" in Grand Rapids!

Fencer got the amp-ed up crowd ready for Badflower. There was good-natured ribbing going on between the two bands: Badflower started to remove the drum kit during Fencer's last song.

To get them back, Fencer brought their banner out and set it behind Badflower during their  first song, "Soap". Badflower check-mated them by spray-painting "sucks" under the band name. It was all pretty fun to witness.

Also... #FencerSucks? Hey, Badflower singer Josh Katz told us to! Hahaha!

Badflower says Grand Rapids is the biggest sold-out headlining show they've played yet! Josh shared that just the day before their song "Heroin" had made it to the No. 1 rock song in the country.

Can't wait to see what's next for this band who are super-talented and obviously going places! We'll be super excited to welcome Badflower back to GR soon! Keep up with the band on Instagram here. 

Stay tuned for info on the next GRD low dough show!

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