If you know, you know! Ayron Jones delivered some of the nastiest guitar grooves in recent years on his Child of the State album, and with his first single since that breakthrough record, well, he's going for something absolutely "filthy."

"Filthy" is not only the song title, it's also a perfect descriptor of the bad man blues rock that Jones is laying down on the track and it's something that he's very aware of within the lyrics of the song. At one point, Jones boasts, "They don't call me dope in my town / They call me filthy / I don't need a judge to tell me that I'm guilty."

The singer says, “Where I’m from the word ‘Filthy’ is used as the highest compliment in the land. It means that you are so good at what you do and who you are that it should be a sin. That’s what was on my mind when I began working on this song. I wanted to celebrate counterculture and promote pride in what means to be considered ‘different.’”

At present, the song serves as a standalone single, though it's possible that a new album could be on the horizon after his 2021 Child of the State record made him a rock radio staple over the past couple of years. If you like the track, be sure to pick it up via the platform of your choice here.

Jones has dates booked into the fall in the U.S., while a European trek is scheduled to finish out his touring year. See all of his stops and get ticketing info here.

Ayron Jones, "Filthy"

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