Saturday night's Rock On The Range headliner Avenged Sevenfold certainly did not disappoint when they possessed the main stage. Led by lead singer M. Shadows' ferocious vocals, A7X took the Columbus, OH crowd through a brutal journey that both continued to pay tribute to their fallen brother, original drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, and help the band go forward. I was lucky enough to speak to guitarist Synyster Gates before Avenged's set.

One question that I asked Syn is if the group was starting to feel a sense of normalcy since the passing of The Rev.

"I think one of his (The Rev) gifts in passing is definitely that we appreciate everything a lot more than we did before," said Syn. "It's just really cool that we've all came from childhood friends and stuff like that and that we can still be in this band together, do what we love and continue on."

Syn also admitted that he isn't exactly too tech savvy and is not a gamer, despite A7X recently contributing a song to the new DLC pack to Call of Duty: Black Ops. The whole interview can be watched below.

Were you at Rock On The Range when Avenged Sevenfold performed? If so, tell us what you thought below.

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