For the past three months, the two Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts have been heavily anticipated by fans, friends, family and the rock music world at large. Unsurprisingly, last night (Sept. 3)’s first concert – at London’s Wembley Stadium – was a monumental success, with its myriad artists providing plenty of touching memories and terrific music over the course of multiple hours. In fact, numerous artists and fans took to social media to share just how moving and enjoyable the event was.

For instance, glam rock troupe The Darkness – whose own Justin Hawkins joined Wolfgang Van Halen, Josh Freese and Dave Grohl for Van Halen’s “On Fire” and “Hot for Teacher” – tweeted that it was “an unforgettable night.”

Plus, famed percussionist Mike Portnoy posted his enthusiastic thoughts – and a photo with Hawkins – to Facebook, calling it “an unbelievable, touching tribute to a guy who was so loved by so many.”

Similarly, rising drummer Nandi Bushell tweeted: “It was the greatest honour of my life to have been asked to play [it]. . . . I gave it everything I had. Thank you @foofighters for inviting me.”

Naturally, hundreds – if not thousands – of Foo Fighters fans shared their passion for the performance(s) across several social media platforms, too. You can see a sample of that below.

 Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium Reactions

Their excitement and emotions were well deserved, as the concert was full of superb performances (some of which you can view below).

Foo Fighters + Shane Hawkins, “My Hero”

Foo Fighters + Josh Freese, “Times Like These” and “All My Life”

Foo Fighters + Paul McCartney, “Helter Skelter”

Rush + Dave Grohl, “2112 Part I: Overture” and “Working Man”

Finally, you can check out for the full rundown of which songs were played (and by whom).

If you watched the concert, too, let us know what you thought! Also, don’t forget to check out the second show, which will take place on Sept. 27 at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, Calif.

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