Monday morning police nabbed a suspect that was allegedly involved in stabbing two men in Grand Haven, Michigan.

According to WOOD, in the early hours of the morning on Monday, Ottawa County Sheriffs were summoned to a home on Pinewood Drive in Grand Haven Township. The two men were both stabbed outside of the home.

Sheriff deputies say they found 2 men at the scene who had both been stabbed by a suspect that had left the scene.

One may was a 51-year-old from Grand Haven Township. The other may was a 31-year-old from White Cloud.

Only one of the two victims was taken to the hospital to treat an arm that had a stab wound. The other man did not get any medical treatment seeing how none of his wounds were severe. Both men did not have life threatening wounds.

Police in the Allendale area were doing a routine traffic stop when they happen to catch the suspect. The suspect was then hauled into to jail.

There has been no other information released regarding this case as it still is under investigation.

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