Hey any of you guys want to go to a strip club?  Yea, theres this fat hillbilly chick who runs a private underground strip club out of the trailer park where she lives.. I think we should go there, but we got to wear mosquito netting over our faces, cuz the place is infested with crabs. Yea, I know....sick....but its true.

Ahhh....nothing like a crab infested illegal strip club in a South Carolina trailer park.....haha.

last week someone gave Chesterfield South Carolina cops a flyer advertising an illegal strip club that 27 year old Gwen Lowery was running out of her mobile home in the trailer park she lived in. When cops raided the place last Saturday night, they found 20 young boys between ages 12 and 19 watching Gwen and her two fat friends swing naked around a stripper pole she had installed in her trailer.

But thats not all that was going on at Gwens underground underage illegal trailer park strip club. She was also selling alcohol to minors,  charging $5 for lap dances, and charging $10 for HJ‘s. Cops say Gwen had a surprisingly thriving business considering that she and her two gross stripper friends were both over 200lbs each, and missing multiple teeth, not to mention the trailer had a massive infestation of crab lice. Man am I the only person getting sicked out by this story?

Fat gross Gwens illegal strip club has now been permanently shut down, She is facing 24 years in prison, and her trailer has been condemned by the board of health........hey, I think the idea of an illegal underground strip club is a great idea.....as long as its clean and staffed with hot skinny chicks with teeth. Not with some gross distrusting trailer park chicks. Yuk!