What an awesome trend! Following in the steps of The Mitten Brewing Co. and Fetch Brewing, Trail Point Brewing in Allendale is paying off students' lunch debt.

Fox 17 reports that a few years ago, a local mom, Aaron Haight, and her family started their quest to help pay off school lunch debt for Allendale Public Schools. This year, Trail Point Brewing has joined in.

Co-owner Greg Evans says he felt called to help when he say The Mitten and Fetch stepping up.

Evans told Fox 17,

"It's something that really hit home to me. There are kids in this area that are saddled with school debt, and we try to pride ourselves on being a community center. This was one way we could give back to the community by clearing this lunch debt so it's one less thing that they have to worry about."

They won't know the total until the end of the school year, but Haight says it is usually around $600.

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