Well dammit...I was really hoping someday that I would get to see Angela Gassow of Arch Enemy up close. When it comes to metal girls, Angela is a beast of a vocalist. She has decided due to personal reasons to depart from the 'spotlight' and let Alissa White-Gluz of The Agonist take over.

This was just announced on Twitter via Arch Enemy with a new band shot featuring the new vocalist. I will say though, she is quite the 'looker.'

For all of you Agonist fans, Alissa White-Gluz has also departed from her group and has been replaced with Vicky Psarakis.

Check out a full statement from each band here on Loudwire


Myself and Johnnie Walker are quite the Arch Enemy fans, so his exact quote was..."Dammit...I'm quite sad to here this! Wages of Sin was awesome!"

I loved Doomsday Machine from Arch Enemy! Even though Gossow has departed from the spotlight of the band, she will be the business manager for them.

Who knows when Arch Enemy or The Agonist will stop by North America, and I ALREADY KNOW that people are all freaking out about how this band is gonna suck now...give her a chance people!