Friday night was the return of Alter Bridge to Grand Rapids, as they get ready to release their new album, The Last Hero, which will come out on October 7th! The last time I got to see Alter Bridge was at Rock on the Range a couple years ago, and this show was definitely better!

First off, they had a full headlong set at the Intersection, instead of a cut down set for a festival, so they could pull out a lot more songs, and fan-favorites. Also, there weren't so many people that you were a football field away, and the sound was a LOT better!

The band came out and looked like they were having a really good time, and Myles even joked around with the crowd about some songs they haven't played in a while. "This is the first time we've played a long show in a while, or some of these songs, so when you hear things and think 'that isn't part of the song', those are called fuck-ups."

I don't think anyone noticed, man, the show sounded fantastic!

Check out GR Now's photo album from the show!