There is a bizarre structure is so big in Allegan that it can be seen from Google Earth. Ask Allegan resident Mary Hardy if she believes in aliens and the answer is “Yes.” Hardy, along with her husband and two sons, claims to have encountered “Planetary Edlers” during a 1968 road trip back from Indiana. The Hardy family pulled over for a quick bathroom break, but that pit stop ended up being four hours long- four hours the family says they can’t account for.

Through meditation the Hardy's were able to retrieve suppressed memories and believed what they’d experienced was an alien encounter, one in which they had been given a mission: to build their three year-old son a pyramid, and build a pyramid they did! The structure, which is big enough to hold up to fifty people, was finished in 1975 and is made from paper and aluminum. It can only be entered through an underground tunnel which is covered in hieroglyphics.

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Mary claims the pyramid is a capacitor and a means to reach zero-point energy- if you don’t know what that means, neither do I! Since the Hardy’s encounter, Mary has become a teacher and herbalist. She’s also written several books on pyramid energy and the family even sells the blueprints so you can build your very own pyramid! Get an inside look at the pyramid below.

They believe in its powers o much that one time they even put an advertorial about the pyramid in the local newspaper.

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