The Hollywood Vampires features players who come from more high profile gigs and scheduling studio time and tours is surely tricky, given the principal members day job. But it's not time to close the coffin on them yet: in fact, singer Alice Cooper reveals that the band is currently working toward their sophomore set.

Speaking with Billboard, Cooper stated, "Everybody is writing right now. We probably won't get into the album until the summer, and then it'll go quickly because we've all got a lot of songs."

Cooper, actor Johnny Depp and Aerosmith's Joe Perry make up the crux of the band, who rounded themselves out with a support cast that included Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Bruce Witkin and Tommy Henriksen when they hit the road. Stone Temple Pilots' Robert DeLeo also played with the group when McKagan returned to his Guns N' Roses duties. As for their upcoming touring, Cooper revealed that dates in Europe will come this spring with adjunct members helping to fill out their touring lineup.

As for the music, Cooper says everyone is keen on it, adding, "Johnny did five movies last year so he could free himself up for this, and the band's really anxious to get together."

And after seeing the special guest list for their debut album, that list could grow for their sophomore set. "I still like the idea that the Vampires is the world's most expensive bar band," says Cooper. "If somebody wants to jump onstage and play with us, if they know the songs and they fit, then come on up. If a Jimmy Page could come up and play with us, or a Jeff Beck or any of those guys and do a couple songs with us, they would fit right into Vampire world, 'cause they lived through that era."


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