Recordings from a 2002 memorial concert held in Finland for late Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner have emerged, featuring the now late Children of Bodom legend Alexi Laiho on vocals.

Schuldiner, who is largely regarded as the godfather of death metal, died on Dec. 13, 2001 after initially being diagnosed with brain cancer on his birthday in 1999. Less than three months after his passing, the metal community in Finland banded together to hold a memorial event, where Norther, Diablo, Morbid Dream and an all-star group dubbed Evil Chucks (adopted from Schuldiner's nickname) all performed.

The Evil Chucks set found a rotating cast up front with Taneli Jarva (Sentenced, Poison Whisky), Jari Hurskainen (Gandalf, The Scourger) and Laiho each having their go throughout the night.

Laiho, supported by Mitja Harvilahti (guitar, Moonsorrow), Janne Perttilä (guitar, Moonsorrow/Barren Earth), Oppu Laine (bass, Amorphis/Chaosbreed/Barren Earth) and Nalle Österman (drums, Gandalf/Chaosbreed), sang two songs off Death's 1990 album, Spiritual Healing — "Defensive Personalities" and "Within My Mind."

Listen to both, which were recently uploaded to Soundcloud by Österman, below.

The Bodom frontman possessed an ideal snarling mid-range growl to perfectly handle this era of Death, as Schuldiner's ever-evolving voice changed drastically in tone on successive album. Certainly, the technical advances and melodic qualities of Death also left a profound impact on Laiho musically as well.

Earlier this week (Jan. 4), news broke that Laiho had died the week prior at his home in Finland after enduring long-term health issues later in life. He was just 41 years old.

Alexi Laiho Performs Death's "Defensive Personalities" With Evil Chucks Tribute Band

Alexi Laiho Performs Death's "Within My Mind" With Evil Chucks Tribute Band

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