Have you been missing AFI? The veteran band is following their "Get Dark" single with another new track called "Trash Bat" a week before The Missing Man EP release.

The high energy rocker kicks off with Adam Carson's attention grabbing drum fill open and keeps the momentum pushing forward throughout its just over two-minute run. The band has unleashed an animated lyric video to accompany the song's release and you can catch it below.

Guitarist Jade Puget says, “This was the ideal song to kick off the EP. From Adam's big drum fill at the top all the way through to the end, it's just a quick burst of frenetic energy. I brought the song in and was playing it for Davey [Havok] and he threw out the line, 'my Trash Bat' and I thought, how can you lose with a title like that? What is a Trash Bat anyway? Who cares!”

Puget also produced the upcoming EP, which is due Dec. 7. Both "Get Dark" and "Trash Bat" are currently available as instant downloads for those pre-ordering The Missing Man EP at this location.

A day after the album's release, AFI will take the stage as part of KROQ's annual Almost Acoustic Christmas radio festival in Los Angeles. They've also booked performances at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento on Dec. 9 and The Observatory North Park in San Diego on Dec. 10.

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