Adam Gontier, formerly of Three Days Grace, now Saint Asonia frontman, called to catch up with GRD.

Saint Asonia is currently working on a new album and Adam will be in Michigan soon for some solo acoustic shows. 

Saint Asonia's self-titled debut album came in the summer of 2015. Now at work on their second album in Atlanta, Adam says,

The writing process is pretty much done... We're almost there, we're about halfway there. We're doing some recording now. We're recording three, four, five songs right now... We're kind of taking our time, making sure we are writing and finishing the best possible songs that we can."

Adam will soon come to Michigan for a few solo acoustic shows:

I grew up playing acoustic guitar, that's how I learned. And I also grew up in a small town where we'd sit around campfires and play acoustic songs, and just do it for fun. So i've always been exposed to music that way and it's just something that's in my blood, to have an acoustic guitar and sit down and play it... any free time that I have that I can do that, if I can jump in my jeep and go for a drive and play a few shows, I love to do it."

At his acoustic shows, Adam says fans can expect a mix of Three Days Grace, Saint Asonia, and his own original songs. He even takes request from the crowd plays covers, including Lady Gaga,

I actually do a cover of Just Dance. It's a pretty cool song to play acoustic, it's a fun one."

We talked a bit about Lady Gaga and Metallica performing together at the Grammy's and the potential for future collaborations:

 She [Lady Gaga] is definitely amazingly talented. I think it took me quite a few years to come around and realize that. She's awesome. Obviously I've always been a been fan of Metallica... I think she's great. I think they're great. Anything the two of them do together is going to be super interesting and probably very entertaining."

Check out the rest of the interview above and be sure to see Adam in Battle Creek in March!

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