The urinal is one of those things that makes us men.  We don't need privacy when we go to the bathroom, we can stand next to someone as long as you keep your eyes forward and your mouth shut.

Well now women are attempting to infringe on this sacred right of a quick piss!

It's called the Pollee and it is a public urinal designed for women to use outdoors at festivals, concerts, or fairs.  The Pollee has 3 designs: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless and Pollee Naked.  Each version has lessening degrees of privacy, until eventually you are essentially peeing with your back to a wall.

This is a European creation, and in Europe people are a bit more 'free spirited'.  Point and case, I have never seen a European outdoor urinal until I came across this story.

European outdoor urinal (flickr / caribb)
European outdoor urinal (flickr / caribb)

So the question becomes, would you use this if it were in the States?  Or do you ever see anything like this coming to the States?

The Pollee was designed by UiWE and PeeBetter in association with independent designers Sara Nanna Jørgensen and Nuala Collins.

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