Sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands.  A group of anarchists are doing just that in Portland, Oregon.

Portland has had a pretty rough winter with record snowfall and record amounts of rain, so it's no surprise that their roadways are in pretty rough shape. And the Portland Bureau of Transportation just can't keep up, despite the efforts of their "Patch-a-Thon" campaign in which they're trying to patch the roads as quickly as possible.

Instead of waiting for PBoT to get to the potholes, a group of local anarchists (yes, anarchists!) is taking matters into their own hands and patching the holes themselves! Pictures have been popping up on social media of the masked men patching the holes in a surprisingly professional manner! They're even taking the time to tamp the asphalt patch down before moving on to the next hole!

Not surprisingly, the Portland Bureau of Transportation isn't thrilled about the DIY repairs, saying that it's dangerous for not only the people making the repairs, but also the people who drive on the roads everyday.

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