Though 2020 was technically the 20th anniversary of 3 Doors Down's The Better Life album, the group will officially throw a celebration for their breakout record with a livestream concert on Feb. 5. And that's just the beginning of the livestream shows for 3 Doors Down fans.

Billed as their "3 X Live" livestreams, the band have set dates for performances on Feb. 5, Feb. 19 and March 5, with the latter two shows being "Greatest Hits" concerts. The difference between those two dates is that the first show (Feb. 19) will feature their familiar favorites played acoustically, while the latter (on March 5) will give fans the fully plugged in production of their traditional stage show.

Singer Brad Arnold says, "I think we can all safely say 2020 is a year we all want to get behind us. We jumped when presented with the opportunity to kick-off 2021 with these PPV shows. As a band, we didn't get to play together last year, so we're looking forward to rocking these shows for our fans across the world and looking forward to hitting the road later in 2021."

As Arnold stated, it's a welcome chance to return to the stage after the pandemic thwarted any special plans the group might have had in 2020. It was relatively quiet year for the group with Arnold using the downtime to deliver his first ever solo single, "Wicked Man."

3 Doors Down made an immediate impact with their 2000 release The Better Life. The lead single "Kryptonite" spent nine weeks at No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart with the follow-up single "Loser" doing even better with an all-time record of 21 weeks atop the Mainstream Rock chart. The album also yielded the singles "Duck and Run" and "Be Like That" en route to becoming certified for 7 times platinum sales in the U.S.

Reflecting on that initial breakout during an interview with us last year, Arnold stated, "I’d never been out of Mississippi much. We’d never toured or anything before that [album], and that first album cycle was such a whirlwind and such a blessing. Looking back on it, I didn’t realize how volatile every moment was. We look back and MAN, that was dangerous. (laughs) How in the world did we get out of that alive? It was SO much. It was like having a backstage pass to life. You just wind up in so many different places and situations with people that you just don’t normally find yourself in. But I’ll tell you, I’m still happy to be here and joyful to be here and a lot more thankful to be here than I was then. I thought I was thankful to be there then, now I know I am thankful to be here."

3 Doors Down's "3 X Live" pay-per-view series will be streamed and ticketed by Mandolin. Individual show prices are $20, but there is also a $50 three-show bundle option. The group will also have exclusive merchandise available for the performances. All shows will start at 9PM ET / 6PM PT and will be available to stream on-demand for 48 hours from the original date and time. Head here for more details and ticketing info.

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