17 children have gone missing in Michigan since the beginning of the year and have still not been found.

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There are 17 children from the state of Michigan who have gone missing since the beginning of the year that are still missing. Multiple issues lead to a child going missing, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Regardless of the reason, each of these children is at risk for the worst that life can throw. Whether a child has run away or not, makes little difference for the amount of danger they could face or be in.

There is evil in this world. Some people look for children like the ones listed here to take advantage of and victimize. There are adults talking to children online and trying to entice them to leave the safety of their homes on promises of expensive gifts and no rules.

Each of the children below has gone missing since the beginning of 2022. Each is missing under different circumstances. You could contribute to a child reuniting safely with their family just by scrolling through the photos below and being aware of the faces around you when out and about in public.

Under each photo of the missing child, you will find a description as well as a phone number to the police agency to contact if the child is spotted. You can also find resources for talking with your children about online safety and how your child can prevent being abducted.

These 17 Children Have Gone Missing Since January 1, 2022 and Have Still Not Been Found

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