It's being reported that roughly 100 cell phones were stolen at a While She Sleeps show in London on March 1.

The U.K.'s Evening Standard reported on the mass theft, including testimonials from fans who had their phones swiped without their knowledge. "Security told me 50 were stolen and that was only after the first three songs," said Daniel Snow, who is now without his Galaxy S8. Taking stock of the response from others who fell victim to the same fate, he said, "Some people were really angry, a lot were stressed but we were massively upset by it."

As far as to who executed the heist, Snow felt it was the work of multiple people as he commented, "The gang were clearly organized. Metal fans are a great community. No real fan would do something like this."

Another fan, Conor Burke, went to the venue's lost property section and spent an hour talking with others who had their phones stolen. "From the people I saw and talked to, and the amount of people coming and going, I’d say there was a minimum of 100 people. It was just ridiculous — it ruined the gig," he explained.

It was also reported that Roundhouse, the venue, had posted signs warning concertgoers to beware of pickpockets. Upon exit, security searched those in attendance, demanding they unlock the phone in their possession to prove they owned it.

Despite the estimate of lost phones being at 100, police have received 14 individual reports of phone theft at or outside of the show.

While She Sleeps have been on the road supporting their fourth album, So What?, which came out on Spinefarm on March 1.

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