Last week, Alice in Chains shared their first new song since The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, “The One You Know.” With a 2018 album on the horizon, we’re paying tribute to one of grunge / alternative rock’s greatest riff masters, Jerry Cantrell.

We brought this video compilation all the way back to the beginning, when Alice in Chains were living in a crummy band house and starving to chase a dream. With Cantrell pouring himself a bowl of SpaghettiOs, the guitarist shared some words about how the best music comes from being down and out.

You may remember Alice in Chains’ fun-filled appearance on Headbangers Ball, where host Riki Rachtman took the band to a waterpark. Dressed in only a blue speedo, Cantrell did an interview talking out of a snorkeling mask, proving he had no fear of the giant slide he was about to go down.

Before Layne Staley passed away, Cantrell did an interview where he spoke about the singer’s incredible abilities. Calling Staley his “best friend in the world,” Cantrell described how the harmonies Layne came up with being “wrong, but right” and how everything seemed to come completely naturally to the AIC frontman.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Jerry Cantrell Moments in the Loud List above.

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