Trolling has become the Internet’s favorite past time. Whether you’re messing with kids on Call of Duty, turning an unsuspecting soul into a timeless meme, or simply being Eric Andre, trolling has become an art form and even a career for some!

Our unofficial Loudwire Award of red carpet trolling goes to… Mastodon! The metal giants were nominated for a Grammy Award in 2015 for “High Road” and they actually attended the ceremony. Well, until guitarist Brent Hinds got kicked out. Before his exit, Hinds and drummer Brann Dailor walked the red carpet in an L.A. Dodgers uniform and a “birthday suit,” respectively. The line of the night happened when a female reporter asked Hinds if he hit many home runs, to which Hinds responded, “I only hit home runs, darling.”

The following year, Ghost claimed Grammys red carpet trolling supremacy. Having been nominated, and later winning, for “Cirice,” Papa Emeritus III and his nameless ghouls made their presence known. During the band’s interview, a ghoul advised those watching to “stay away from the Grammys.” Papa III, however, spent most of his time trying to seduce a reporter with his Satanic charm.

Long before “trolling” was an Internet term, Courtney Love was already a master. In one of the most iconic moments in MTV VMAs history, Love interrupted a 1995 Madonna interview by throwing her shoe at the pop star. Interviewer Kurt Loder was visibly annoyed when Love crashed the chat, scaring Madonna away and leaving him with a very wasted Hole frontwoman.

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