Remember when parents began panicking about rock and roll again in the ‘90s? Those were the days… Check out these 10 Ridiculous Talk Show Moments!

The best talk show moments in rock history were always made on those daytime “tabloid talk” shows in the ‘90s. During the early years of Marilyn Manson, the band appeared on The Phil Donahue Show during an episode where concerned parents debated the scourge of moshing. Manson debated moshing and rock music with his trademark tact and calm demeanor, surprising the audience of rubes with his rationalization skills.

GWAR also made daytime talk show gold, appearing on a Jerry Springer episode dedicated to “shock rock” in 1997. GWAR took the show semi-seriously, with Oderus Urungus pretending to break down and cry while apologizing for being a negative influence on kids. Urungus brilliantly turned the discussion around on a critical mother, though, suggesting she was just looking for negative aspects in GWAR’s music instead of taking responsibility for her crappy parenting.

You’ve probably never heard of The Girlie Show, but it had a short run on British television from 1996-1997. On one episode of the talk show, Motorhead legend Lemmy Kilmister was surprised by three of his ex-lovers, who all joined him on the couch for a special reunion. Kelly Johnson of Girlschool even made an appearance, taking a spot between Lemmy’s legs during the show.

Check out these 10 Ridiculous Talk Show Moments in the Loud List above!

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