Zane told us this morning on the show that he went out for a bike ride yesterday and came across something he had only seen one other time before.  As he was peddling down a reasonable busy road, straddling the center yellow line was an enormous, dinosaur-looking mega turtle!  Luckily he had his phone on him and grabbed a quick video.

With the help of a driver who pulled over, the two of them were able to help ‘lil Leonardo to the side of the road by using a piece of wood and some testicular fortitude.  Did you see that thing hiss and snap back at the board at the end of the video?!  Quite frankly, I'm surprised this wasn't Zane's response, given his rich history of blurting.

He told us again about the other time this had happened, in which there were some not so favorable results for the turtle.  The last time, he came over a hill and saw a turtle in the middle of the road.  The poor little guy, however, had already had an unfortunate encounter with a car and had a huge, Grand Canyon-esque crevice that went the length of it’s shell.  Birds were already swooping in and eating the poor little guy’s back meat as he just sat there helplessly hissing.  He told that story a few years ago on the air and it has always stuck with me.

Now I’m not sure of the intelligence level of turtles, but c’mon.  If you’re that slow and you come across a road with cars traveling approximately 7,000 times faster than you can move, you should probably just turn around.  That’s right.  I’m tough talking a turtle.