Hour 1

Zane just recently moved in to his new house and he's been telling us about all of the crap that made the move to the new place. Instead of going through everything before he moved, he got a dumpster at the new house and has just been throwing everything out! He has taken great joy in chopping it up with an ax before throwing it in the dumpster. Free Beer is not that impressed by the movie Green Lantern that comes out soon. Talking about this got us on the topic of other comic book movies and comic book nerds.


Hour 2

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night and people in Vancouver are rioting. We watched some news clips of the chaos that is going on there. Alan in Scotland, most likely our only Scottish listener, called in this morning to give us an update on all things Scottish. Zane, still riding on his high horse from yesterday, gave him a beatdown about getting in shape even though Alan just said how he was in shape and went to the gym regularly. We looked at an article from a "futurist" that described what hotel rooms of the future would be like. All of the things on the list seemed pretty dumb and we questioned why they only applied to hotels. What's the worst thing said to you by a stranger? Based on an email we got the other day, we took calls and read emails from people who have had ridiculous things said to them by strangers.


Hour 3

Who would win in a fight: a guy with a bat or a guy with a chainsaw? We talked about a news story this morning where that fight took place and you may be surprised to find out who came out on top. The Playmate that broke off her wedding with Hugh Hefner has commented on why she called it off. It was funny to us how all of those Playmates continue to act like they're all about Hef. Would you eat a burger made from poop? A mad scientist has found a way to extract materials from poop and somehow make it in to a burger. Check that out in Cool Links and decide for yourself!


Hour 4

While talking about the riots in Vancouver last night, we got on the topic of other celebrations and parties that got out of control. Zane told us about the party that he had in high school where he invited all of the cool kids and they destroyed his mom's house! Listener Jimbo called in to tell us that he was at the Cup Finals last night in Vancouver and that he was driving back to NH. After asking him a few questions, though, his story didn't seem to add up. We closed the hour with Dumber Than The Zaner Trivia, worth $2,400 from our friends at Cat Footwear.


Hour 5

We read an article that said that if you eat match sticks, it will help to repel mosquitos from you. We had never heard of that before, so we took a bunch of calls from people to see if anyone had ever done it. Porn star Ginger Lee has spoken out about her relationship with Anthony Weiner. She insisted that their communication started when they were discussing politics via email. We, of course, did not believe that and found it funny that a porn star was trying to take such a high road. Check out the Video Reel for the crazy video of a guy getting out of an ambulance with a knife sticking out of his eye. Watching this reminded us of the infamous "he died" moment when we interviewed a woman that had a similar injury. Talk to you on Friday morning!