More and more people are living to 100 years old and beyond these days, prompting  a lot of us to wonder: “What’s the secret?”

Whether it’s consuming raw eggs and staying single or downing three Dr. Peppers a day, each of these impressive old folk has their own method to prolong their lives. There’s even a 110-year old in Nebraska who credits his long life to drinking beer and a 109-year-old who says the secret to living a long life is whiskey. Cheers! 

Adding to the list of other bad-ass ways to extend your life, at 116-years-old, the oldest woman on earth swears by eating bacon every day. 

In July, Susannah Mushatt Jones celebrated her 116 birthday and was named the world's oldest woman by Guinness World Records.

Jones was born in Alabama in 1899 and now resides in New York.

According to USA Today, Jones has kept a steady diet of bacon, eggs, and grits for breakfast for over a century. There's even a sign in her kitchen which reads "Bacon makes everything better.”

When asked to what Jones credits her long life, she replied "lots of sleep." And clearly- lots of bacon.