Once  a week we're gonna take a moment & spotlight one of our Wingstock 2012 artist.  First up is our very own Wayland.  Wayland has been busy shooting videos and gigging around the entire US.

What I love about the band is how well they document life on the road via videos.  Watch a drunk drummer attempt auto repair at 3 in the morning - A drunken Bass player attempts a Mexican hat dance and while traveling through the Virginia foothills - mad ad-libs break out over Bluegrass music being played over the radio.  Too funny!

Wayland plays Wingstock 2012 June 16th @ 5/3rd Ballpark with Our lady Peace, Pop Evil, Foxy Shazam, Dokken (yes, THAT Dokken) and more!  At just $25 for seats and $30 for the field, the tickets are  a steal at that price.  Buy em Now!