It's that time of year again, time to watch people's crap get smashed in an attempt to win something cool.  This time around the "Win or Get Your Stuff Smashed Challenge" is brought to you by Select Fasteners.  Select Fasteners provided the gang with a bunch of nexus 7's to giveaway to the winners.  Alright, now on to the show... Good luck Free Beer, Zane, Steve, and Joe.  Hope you didn't like your stuff, because it's about to get smashed. 

Make sure that no one is around that will get offended by foul language, because there is a lot of it.

How to enter:

Monday through Thursday from September 10th through September 27th, Free Beer and Hot Wings will be qualifying people to compete in the "Win or Get Your Stuff Smashed Challenge."  At 10am each morning, the guys will solicit phone calls for people to enter.  Each week after 4 challengers are selected, the four will compete on Friday morning at 10am for the prize of a Nexus 7.  After you are selected, you will be asked to bring something in that you hold dear with the chance that it may be smashed.

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