I know why the Lions lost... alright so here it is. I don't really watch a whole lot of sports but I do have my teams, I like Michigan State (mostly because my family does, and Kirk Cousins is a major hottie), I like the Lions, and of coarse the Red Wings. So I try and keep up with games that may involve those teams... other than that I don't have any idea what other teams are doing nor do I pretend to.

I have not watched the Lions yet this year, all I knew was that they were doing mighty good and that was cool with me! So my friend tells me hey, wanna go grab a beer and watch the Lions and I said,
"I don't know man I don't think we should, I haven't watched em yet this year and they are on an incredible effing winning streak, I KNOW that as soon as I watch they'll lose." He called me an idiot and I went anyway.

The entire time we were at the the restaurant I was facing away from the TV... ON PURPOSE (yes I am that superstitious, you should have seen me before a cross country meet...) I never even glanced up once I just enjoyed my miller light. So finally I have to break the seal because I am like 6 beers deep and feeling pretty buzzy, I get up to go to the bathroom and glance at the TV as the 49'ers score a god damn touch down to take the effing lead...

Anyone who watched the game knows what happened after that... WE LOST. So I have decided I will not watch any more games this season I would hate to jinx the rest of the year!