Girls if you routinely find yourself with that painful and itchy scratchy not so fresh feeling down there, commonly known as the yeast infection, I’m sure its not pleasant and just the name alone is freaking gross! Yeast infection, yuk! And I can’t believe I was drinking at the bar with some chicks a few nights ago and the topic of yeast infections actually came up!

Guys how would you like it if you called up a chick and were like “hey baby, want go out and get drinks this weekend?”, and she was like.” No, I can’t go out this weekend, I got a yeast infection, sorry.” Yep, gross! But girls did you know that a good way to combat a yeast infection is to eat garlic? Yep, at least that’s what these girls I was drinking beers with told me.

They say it has essential oils that can stop the growth of fungus, which is the cause of the pain and itching, they also said recent studies showed that oils from Oranges do the same thing. So girls just something you might want to think about when it comes to your every day eating habits. Maybe in the morning don’t pass on the OJ, and don’t be afraid to dig into the garlic bread, or butter, or dip, or whatever else garlic is around. Because if you do, you might be helping save yourself the enjoyment of a fungus filled painful yeast infection and not even know it!

And I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing not having a yeast infection is a good thing if you’re a girl! So garlic and oranges babies! Dig in! Who’s got your backs girls? That’s right, I do!