Recently, this video has been getting a lot of publicity.  It's called "First Kiss", and it's just that.  Twenty strangers matched into couples and filmed as they kiss for the first time.  I guess it's supposed to give us deeper insight into the human psyche or something.  Or at the very least, be amazingly romantic.

So it to your girl, she'll probably like it.

This one is for the guys.  Probes even deeper into the mysteries of the human mind.

For a parody, Pimms Girl put twenty people in a room, matched them up, and they began giving their first handjobs!  It's funny, uncomfortable, awkward…all the things that take you right back to your first rumblings in the back seat of your dad's car!


Now, go check out Pimms Girl's only other video…Farting Isn't Funny.