Tennessee Death Metal band Whitechapel is currently recording their next record which is scheduled to release in June. Whitechapel guitarist Zach Householder has quite a bit to say in a recent interview regarding the latest album.

In an interview with Capital Chaos, Zach went on to say about the new album,

"The new stuff probably has some faster stuff like 'A New Era Of Corruption' , but it's definitely got some slower stuff, too. It's groovier and it's got more hooks and catches.

"If you're a 'The Somatic Defilement' fan, you're gonna like it, but if you're expecting  'The Somatic Defilement', you're not gonna get it. It's still gonna be heavy. It's WHITECHAPEL. It's gonna be angry; it's very pissed off. I don't know what else to say… It's us trying to do it in our own way as opposed to us trying to live up to what people's expectations are of us. We don't wanna alienate our fans by any means. It's just that we want them to sit there and go, 'OK, well, this band does this one thing, and they do it differently every time.' So I guess you either like it or you hate it. Even so, if you do it differently the next time, you might gain more fans."

Good things can usually come from bands when they experiment with sound, but at least WHITECHAPEL is confronting it head on!

The new album is due out in June