I am currently amping up for the Walt Disney Marathon in January, I have been a runner for many years so I am no stranger to weirdos doing weird things to me while I run. But today's incident kind of tops the cake on weirdos while running.

I hadn't ran all weekend, mainly because beer and pizza trumps running on my weekends. So this morning I woke up and said to myself, "JACKIE! You need to get off your stupid lazy butt and do a long run." So that is what I did, I decided 10 miles was the number and off I went.

I had gotten about 4 miles into the run when I ran into some homeless guy under a bridge. Now this happens a lot, and typically I just pick up the pace and avoid eye contact, (it's not like I have any money on me to give them anyway!) So today I did that and the dude decides to run right next to me! I first thought the guy was chasing me and in a panic sped up like crazy, I was in full on race mode.

Then I noticed he was mumbling something so I took my ear buds out and said, "Can I help you?" and he said, "nope just running" but of coarse it was all slurred and stupid sounding more like, "nooooooo jush runninn"
I then took the first turn I could toward downtown thinking I'd lose him. He kept on running though right on my butt.

Finally It looked like he was getting a tad tired and I thought "YES finally this weirdo is gonna stop." NOPE, instead he said, "Hey, Do you have like, a dollar I could borrow."
Was this guy serious?

He followed me a good half mile at a seriously fast pace to try and get a dollar?!?

I said "No" and kept going and he stopped right there, turned around and walked back!

At this point I could barley breathe from trying to out run the guy. To be honest I'm kind of impressed he could keep up with me at all...
Anyway this whole weird story just gives me another excuse when I wake up not to run... thanks a lot homeless weirdo dude!