New rules in Beach Volleyball Olympic competition narrowly caused major heart failure for fans across the world.  Olympic officials changed the rules to ease concerns for nations whose religion dictates that women wear more than skimpy swimsuits.

The new  rule adopted does allow nations to wear what they want  so I guess we know what team most "fans" will be siding with given that fans of the sport are probably made up of 90% dudes and 10% ...well I think we know what that 10% is made up of.  Anyway, you can breathe a sigh of relief "fans" of the USA Beach Volleyball Team cause they will keep the attire they feel most comfortable in and that's pretty much about 8 square inches total of thinly clad nylon covering their well toned beach volleyball athletically sculptured frames.

Beach Volley Olympian Misti Treanor said she loves to compete in her skimpy, bottom-baring bikini because “what you see is what you get — there’s no airbrushing.”
“This is the most comfortable thing for us to wear,” added team member Jen Kessy. “We can style our bikinis however we want. They can be bigger or smaller.

I've never been so filled with so much patriotic spirit before....GO U S A !