Ice skating outdoors is a lot of fun, but sometimes the wind chills taper that fun. West Michigan's indoor ice rinks offer another way to enjoy winter in West Michigan while staying at least a little bit warmer.

West Michigan offers many lakes and ponds for ice skating once winter temperatures arrive for good. Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink in Grand Rapids is another great outdoor location for skating. All of these options are fun, but sometimes it's easier and more comfortable to head indoors.

We have a list of West Michigan's top indoor ice rinks with open skate availability. Hours can change due to special events and hockey tournaments making it a good idea to confirm the rink's hours for open skate before making a trip.

Byron Center

Cedar Springs

Grand Rapids

  • Griff's Ice House: Monday-Friday 11:30am -12:50pm. Saturday 7pm - 8:20pm. Sunday 5:40pm - 6:50pm.
  • Kentwood Ice Arena: Varies by weekend. Times may include Saturday and Sunday 2pm - 4pm. Saturday 6pm - 8pm.
  • Patterson Ice Center: Sunday 1pm - 3pm. Monday-Thursday 11am - 1pm. Friday 11am - 1pm and 10pm - 11:59pm. Saturday 1pm - 3pm and 8pm - 10pm.



  • Georgetown Ice Center: Hours vary each week. Most days have at least two hours of open skate. See the calendar.