Recently, there have been some totally INSANE roller coasters and mater slides built, that are so over the top, that people have literally been flying off them!  There have been deaths surrounding the Action Park, and their water slide that was opened and closed in record time.  (Not fast enough to prevent lie 7 deaths, but pretty darn quickly.)

There's also video out of this water slide in Kansas City, at the Schlitterbahn, called Verückt.  It's so big and scary (like life-threatening scary, not just freaky-scary) that it's still not even open for "humans".  But you can still enjoy POV video of a sandbag going down this cool slide!

WTF?  How extreme is too extreme?  Does it reach a point where it's extreme but not any fun?

The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever - Part 1 of 2 by insane-amusement-park