Hour 1

We started this morning talking about how Producer Joe hides in his booth when he is being beaten up for something on the air. He compared it to how he used to hide when his parents would fight as a kid leads. This then led some talk on the gross beer his dad drinks like PBR. For some reason, we started to talk about how big of an a-hole radio guy Mancow is. He has a video on his website declaring HIMSELF an "American Badass". Terrible.

Hour 2

Today is the first day to nominate someone you know for the Holiday Break-in. You can do so by clicking on the link in the slideshow. We talked early this morning about the show Boardwalk Empire and how awesomely brutal and great it is. Watch this show right now! Our former intern Candy Beard sent in some lists for Paired With an Idiot today. This reminded us of the awesome rape laugh montage that we put together from his Intern-view, so we played that a few times.

Hour 3

We confirmed that schools that trump their "anti-bullying policies" are stupid. Are there any schools out there that are pro bullying? Is this something that really needs to be announced? Some woman has been camping out in front of a Best Buy in Florida since Monday so she will be first in line for Black Friday deals. You can see this loser in the Video Reel. We mock the disgusting pig that is the very first person in line for black Friday. Today was the big day when we would get our winner for the trip for two to Daytona to the big race in February from our friends at Cat Footwear. Of course, it did not go off without incident.

Hour 4

For nearly a full hour, Hot Wings was verbally beaten down. His question for Stock Car Math was full of errors, which ultimately gave one of the contestants a victory even though their answer was wrong. We got Kelly from Cat Footwear on the line to see what she suggested we do about this disaster of a game and she offered a pretty awesome solution to the problem. She majorly bailed Hot Wings out of this one! We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia where Igor the Janitor was playing for $800.

Hour 5

Because of the screw-up from the previous game of Stock Car Math, we got two of the contestants back on the phone towards the end of the show for a re-do. They were pretty excited to receive a second chance! We closed out the show with a two-part interview that we did with radio guy, comedian, actor and author, Adam Carolla to talk about his new book. You can hear the unedited interview on the Interviews page of the website. Have a good Thanksgiving. Best-of shows Thursday and Friday. Talk to you on Monday morning!